About Us

The learningapps.com is a creative and utility learning app gallery developed and maintained by flagship company Digital Dividend. The app gallery offers creative and innovative apps for kids. Parents and teachers can access and download different apps from here in order to select the best teaching tools for their kids for making their learning process a fun filled one. Here we not only offer quality learning apps, we analyze here quality educational app for kids, which have been developed by integrating fun, play, learning, and knowledge together for their target audience for promoting utility education.

One of the typical characteristics that have made the learningapps.com gallery an exclusive one is the imbedded passion and world-class educational methodologies integrated in the game play of each of the apps. Learning apps available in our app gallery are not only based on educational input and kids’ educational development process, these are fully functional, easy to play and the right choice for parents for their lovely babies, toddlers, as well as preschool going kids.

We understand our target audience is the kids who will play with our educational apps; but besides making our apps’ kids friendly,  also we design all apps for a group of conscious parents who want to take kids’ education one step ahead of the curve with the help of technology. Our educational apps include various categories like nursery rhyme apps, Alphabets and Numbers learning apps, educational Apps, bed time stories apps, Coloring and Painting apps, and entertaining games app are made with awesome game play that keeps user-kids amused and user-parents amazed with the positive result.

We have created the apps gallery in the learningapps.com for offering digital support for kids’ education. All quality learning apps uploaded here are inspired by modern education specialists’ suggestion for making child education funny, relaxing, and intensely productive in terms of happy learning.

We at Digital Dividend have created an exclusive app gallery at www.urdukidsapps.com, where parents and teachers can get to access Urdu apps. No matter if you reside at a place where Urdu education is not availably you can teach your baby Urdu language with best authenticity and parental care. All the quality learning apps in this app gallery are predominantly targeted for kids, and offer lively images along with impressive audio and video tutorials to help the users to learn Urdu in an interactive and easy way.

Our apps available in the apps gallery of learning app.com and urdukidsapps.com have attracted immense applauds till date, and we’re proud to extend our apps collection to reach more and more audience worldwide….. Most of the apps are available on iOS and android, but soon we will be adding learning and entertainment apps for Windows and other platforms.

Let’s explore digital education! Let’s make digital education available for all!