Welcome to the developer’s page of The In today’s world making an app and submission of it in play store is not sufficient for its success and publicity. Marketing of an app is an extensive process and if you are not well aware of the method, you need some reliable support that can help you to map and enjoy your success in your app’s marketing process.

Promote your app:

If you are looking for review and global marketing of the application you have developed and published, you can rely on us! We can assess, analyze, and promote your app is social media platform for making it a grand success.

We assess your submitted app for usability and exclusivity, and review its prospects in the Apps market. We will let you know where your app stands, and what it further needs to win potential users by marketing of an app. We will decide your app’s promotional strategy by compiling an analysis including launch plan as well as execution of the app-exclusive marketing plan.

We map our marketing activities according to the target audience so that you be 100% assured that the app reaches its target audience. We accordingly publish and distribute press releases for every update of the app and its features through popular newswires other than its optimization in Apps market.

Social Media Promotion

We understand that social media platform integration is one of the best ways to create the publicity of a mobile application. We invest our best support for implementing best social media promotion for the app so that it gets organic downloads and global publicity within its target audience.

Additional promotional plan

We can additionally offer your application in special category. For example, if have an educational app, we will advertise your educational app in its specific domain that can be best benefited or interested to download and use the app: the app’s name and icon will be displayed at right top of our website. If your application needs the support of Gateway Curriculum, you may please access our free weekly newsletter. We have more than 3000 registered schools in our database and we will promote your educational app to all our clients and affiliates. This will give your direct exposure to privileged school community and user teachers will be able to download the application through the newsletter.

Our Apps

We have wide variety of learning apps for instant access for education conscious parents. Our popular app varieties are nursery rhymes apps, unique Alphabets and Numbers learning apps, Mathematical Apps, Bed Time Stories Apps, entertainment games apps, and Coloring and Painting apps for kids. We have number of Urdu learning apps in our app’s gallery also for teaching Urdu for parents interested to teach their kids Urdu even staying at non-Urdu community. 

Submit your Apps

You can submit your app’s published link here for our analysis and review. It is easy and will take few minutes time.

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