Educational Apps for Toddlers

Toddlers are kids of age between 1 to 2 years old. At this age, toddlers are starting to speak and understand basic words. This is the best time for toddlers to start learning basic educational subjects, like alphabets and numbers. The Learning Apps has developed various educational apps for toddlers. Whether it is number counting, alphabets or entertaining games, you will find a lot of fun and educational apps here. Usually kids love to go through colorful and story books. But they soon through it away as these books fail to keep them interested and entertained. However, our learning apps for toddlers are different. Our apps will keep your toddler entertained and interested while they learn counting numbers and alphabets. Our educational apps for toddlers don’t just focus on alphabets and numbers, they also focus on educating kids about animals and real world objects, like cars, trains, dinosaurs and fruits. Apart from number and alphabet apps, nursery rhymes are another great source of learning for toddlers. So, we have developed apps where you toddler can listen to various nursery rhymes that will keep them engaged, while teaching them basic educational subjects.

c words for preschool

C alphabet App

Learn Letters C Alphabet Game is an educational application for younger ones. Its aim is…

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Balloon Pops

Learning alphabets doesn’t have to be boring for kids. This is why Rikky is here.…

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