race car games for kids

Learning ABC with Cars

Teach your kids alphabets and coloring with Race Car Activity Games by The Learning Apps. Kids will play with cars in this game while learning alphabets and have fun. Race Car Activity GamesRace Car Activity Games is a great for car racing app for kids of all ages. Kids will learn alphabets and coloring while…

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Learn ABC Alphabets with Fruits

Learn Alphabets with Fruits is an educational application for the youngest users. Its aim is to let your children learn fruits with Alphabets. Children are encouraged to learn about fruits through interactions with a simple and beautiful graphical interface with great sounds. Learn the Facts and Test your Skills about fruits.

Letter Tracing Apps For Kids

Learning the ABC alphabet is an easy thing with this fun entertaining and educational app. This app helps your kids learn about alphabets with animal names. Engaging, colorful, and smooth child-friendly gameplay and controls which makes playing this game more interesting and learning a fun thing for kids.