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word guessing game app

Word Guessing Game App

This is an interesting game app that will provide hints, you can guess the names of various things by the help of hints and enjoy the app.

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Mental Math App for Kids

Here is the best mental math app for kids to improve the mathematics skills of kids.This mental math app is helpful to train your kids brain while having fun

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Animal Coloring Apps for Kids

Here are the Top Animal Coloring Apps.This app will allow kids to paint animals with their favorite colors and enjoy painting while learning about animals.

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Reading comprehension

Comprehension Grade 123

Download this amazing Reading Comprehension for Grade 1,2,3 App in your iPhone and iPad to make comprehension skills of kids more better while having fun.

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learn geography app

Learn Geography App

The Country app is an appealing educational learning app involving interactive activities to maintain your kid’s interest along with his learning talent. It contains all the primary information for about 100 countries around the globe and is just one tap away.

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prepositions for kids

English Grammar Preposition

English Grammar Prepositions Quiz Game is an educational app for the kids to learn about the English grammar prepositions by taking the quizzes and the app will test their knowledge….

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reading comprehension apps

English Grammar Comprehension

English Grammar Comprehension is an educational reading application for the young children. Its aim is to make all the kids better in reading passages and remember the story while they are asked to answer the given questions from those paragraphs. Download the English Grammar Comprehension app now!

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children books kindergarten

Kindergarten Activities Games

Kindergarten Activities Games is an educational application for toddlers in Preschool. Its aim is to make kids learn alphabets, numbers, counting, addition, subtraction, animals, jigsaw puzzles, coloring and all the basic activities which are taught in kindergarten.

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english grammar for kids

English Grammar Quiz

Learning English Grammar Games is an educational app for the kids to learn about the English grammar nouns, verbs, adjectives and pronouns by taking the quizzes and the app will test their knowledge.

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