Discount Bundles

3rd Grade Apps Bundle

This Bundle is a collection of the best 3rd Grade apps for kids. The 3rd Grade bundle includes four educational apps. The best part is that these third grade apps are fun along with educational. Your kids will not get bored while learning the concepts because of fascinating colors and animations.

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English Grammar Learning Discount Bundle

English Grammar Bundle

This Bundle is a collection of the best English apps for kids. The English Grammar learning apps bundle includes four grammar apps which makes learning grammar concepts enjoyable and easy for kids and help the parents in teaching them with fun.

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Fun Animal Games

Get the Animal learning apps and games at a discounted price. Buy the best educational apps for your kids so they can have fun while learning. Just for $5.99!

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Educational Apps

mental math app

Mental Math

Here is the best mental math app for kids to improve the mathematics skills of kids.This mental math app is helpful to train your kids brain while having fun

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Animal Coloring app for kids icon

Animal Coloring Pages

Here are the Top Animal Coloring Apps.This app will allow kids to paint animals with their favorite colors and enjoy painting while learning about animals.

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word guessing game app

Guess The Word Quiz

This is an interesting game app that will provide hints, you can guess the names of various things by the help of hints and enjoy the app.

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Reading comprehension

Comprehension Grade 123

Download this amazing Reading Comprehension for Grade 1,2,3 App in your iPhone and iPad to make comprehension skills of kids more better while having fun.

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english grammar for kids

English Grammar Quiz

Learning English Grammar Games is an educational app for the kids to learn about the English grammar nouns, verbs, adjectives and pronouns by taking the quizzes and the app will test their knowledge.

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word problems for kids

Math Word Problem for Kids

This app is designed to help 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th-grade school students understand and solve basic math word problems. This app has a child-friendly environment which makes it easy for children. It builds an understanding of math problems in a fun game-like environment.

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c words for preschool

C alphabet App

Learn Letters C Alphabet Game is an educational application for younger ones. Its aim is to make your children learn about letter C and different things that start with letters C. This app have fun C alphabet learning activities that the kids will love playing while learning new things. Children are

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General Knowledge Quiz

General Knowledge app by The Learning Apps will help your kids improve their general knowledge by playing quiz game. This trivia game for kids will help parents and teachers in making their kids learn new things without having to force them. This game is so engaging and fun that kids will want to learn general…

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Word Search

Rikky’s Words Search is fun game for kids. Word Search makes education more fun and easier for kids. Kids can learn names of cities, countries, animals, birds, colors, a lot of other things while searching for them on the Word Search board. The game is challenging for kids, which also makes it great for improving…

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Online Games

Geography Quiz For Kids

Geography Quiz

Our fun country facts quiz will boost up kids knowledge and make them learn about countries with the online country quiz games for kids via trivia quizzes.

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general knowledge game

GK Quiz

Our fun free general knowledge kids quiz helps test and increase your child gk level by taking these fun online general knowledge quiz trivia for children

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online farm animal game for kids

Farm Animals

Farm Animals Game For Kids is great for kids to learn about different Farm Animals and how they look like. Farm Animals is also great for kids to improve their problem solving skills. The Learning Apps has developed a fun Farm Animals game for kids. This game will help your kids…

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online dinosaur puzzles for kids

Dino Puzzle

Dino Puzzle Game For Kids is great for kids to learn about different Dino and how they look like. Dino Puzzle is also great for kids to improve their problem solving skills. This online game is a fun Dino Puzzle game for kids. This game will help your kids…

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free balloon pop game for kids

Balloon Pops II

The Learning Apps brings a fun filled Balloon Popping game for kids. Earn points by popping balloon with arrow. This game is great for kids to exercise their mind and have fun.

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dot to dot game

Dot To Dot Shapes

Dots to Dot game is great for kids of all ages, including toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten kids.

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creative activities for kids

Creative Activities for Kids

We’ve designed exciting creative activities for kids for their learning. These creative activities for toddlers create opportunities & keep them on a positive track

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tutoring app

Best Tutoring App For Kids

Many parents are looking for how to stop a child from lying. Yes it is very difficult but not impossible. Here are some tips of how to teach a child not to lie.

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