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balloon popping games

Balloon Popping Games For Kids

This Bundle is a collection of the best balloon popping apps for kids. The balloon popping apps bundle includes four balloon apps which makes it easy for children to enjoy in their free time by learning the animal sounds, numbers or alphabets. These are the best balloon apps for kids to make their free-time worth spending and full of learning and entertainment.

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English Grammar Learning Discount Bundle

English Grammar Bundle

This Bundle is a collection of the best English apps for kids. The English Grammar learning apps bundle includes four grammar apps which makes learning grammar concepts enjoyable and easy for kids and help the parents in teaching them with fun.

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Fun Animal Games

Get the Animal learning apps and games at a discounted price. Buy the best educational apps for your kids so they can have fun while learning. Just for $5.99!

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race car games

Race Car Activity Games

Teach your kids alphabets and coloring with Race Car Activity Games by The Learning Apps. Kids will play with cars in this game while learning alphabets and have fun. Race Car Activity GamesRace Car Activity Games is a great for car racing app for kids of all ages. Kids will learn alphabets and coloring while…

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Shape Sorter

Learn shape with Shape Sorter by The Learning Apps. This shape game for kids will make it fun for them to learn all about various shapes. It also include color and puzzle game. Learn Shape Game for Kids with Shape SorterShape Sorter makes learning all about shapes fun and easy for kids of all ages.…

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Math Addition

Maths Addition by The Learning Apps redefines how kids learn and understand maths. Your kid will find playing Maths Addition game fun and enjoyable, while also learning the rules of addition and test his knowledge. Maths Addition Game for KidsMaths Addition is a fun educational game for kids to learn the rules of addition of…

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Math Division

Maths Division is a fun and enjoyable game where you kids will learn how to divide numbers. This game will make maths division seem really easy for kids. This game is so enjoyable that you won’t have to force your kids to learn maths division, because they will want to do it willingly. Maths Division…

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multiplication game for kids

Maths Multiplication

Maths Multiplication by The Learning Apps will be loved by kids who likes playing games. With this fun game, maths will not be boring again for kids, ever. The Learning Apps has developed this game so kids can enjoy learning maths. It will also make maths multiplication easier for kids. The app include basic and…

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Math Subtraction

Maths Subtraction by The Learning Apps is a fun game where kids will learn to subtract digits easily. Kids usually have difficult in learning maths concepts. However, The Learning Apps has made this app in a way which will make learning maths easier for kids now. The app include basic and advanced subtraction concepts for…

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General Knowledge Quiz

General Knowledge app by The Learning Apps will help your kids improve their general knowledge by playing quiz game. This trivia game for kids will help parents and teachers in making their kids learn new things without having to force them. This game is so engaging and fun that kids will want to learn general…

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Animal Trivia Quiz Game

Animal Trivia Quiz Game for Kids makes learning fun and entertaining. Kids can easily learn and memorize about animals by playing with this app. This animal trivia for kids app has a lot of challenges for children that will help them learn and memorize as well as improve their problem solving skills.

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Sea World Toddler Game

Journey to the Sea World takes kid to an underwater adventure. Kids will take a tour of sea animal kingdom where they will meet various sea creatures and learn more about them. This app makes learning about sea animals fun, entertaining and easy. Kids will learn a lot of new information including names of sea…

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