Learning Doesn’t Have to be Boring

Parents have a hard time making their kids study. This is because kids feel that studying is boring. Why they should study when they can play and have fun. The Learning Apps take fun out of boring out of studying with our educational mobile apps. You can now make learning fun for your kids again. The Learning Apps makes learning easy and fun for kids of age 2 to 11.

Shapes Sorter Game for kids

Shape Sorter

Learn shape with Shape Sorter by The Learning Apps. This shape game for kids will…

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Nursery Rhymes

Nursery Rhymes

Rhymes are the best way for kids to learn and memorize new things. Nursery Rhymes…

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Learn Addition with Rikky

Maths Addition

Maths Addition by The Learning Apps redefines how kids learn and understand maths. Your kid…

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It’s Fun And Educating For Kids

The Learning Apps aims to make education fun and interesting for kids. Kids want to play because they like to have fun. We decided to take the fun part out of playing and add it to studying by creating mobile games and apps for kids. Kids can learn new stuff while playing games, solving puzzles and other fun activities. From Maths, Alphabets and Numbers to Animal and Bird names and other educational material, The Learning Apps has it all for your kids.

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10 ways to make your children love learning

10 Ways to Make Your Child Love Learning

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