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About Us

The Learning Apps aims at bringing the best educational apps to help teachers and parents to make learning possible while using apps.

All of our apps are fun to use and at the same time they help children to learn. Basic animal names and sounds, Alphabets and numbers and upto complicated topics of maths and physics. All the apps are interactive and easy to use.

We are also offering bundle offers through which you can buy multiple apps at the same time at a discounted rate.

In case of any issues or concerns please reach out to us on

Educational Baloon Pops game for kids

Balloon Pops

Learning alphabets doesn’t have to be boring for kids. This is why Rikky is here.…

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If you are a Parent or Teacher and would like to learn more about how you can partner with us please visit the Parent and Teacher pages and contact our team on to request free promo code to try out the pro apps.

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It is true that schools play a massive role in every child’s growth. Schools not only educate children but also help them socialize and polish their talents and capabilities. However, schools are not entirely responsible for children’s education and growth. It is known that before…

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10 ways to make your children love learning

10 Ways to Make Your Child Love Learning

Making children love learning might just be the hardest task of all. It is known that human curiosity is the reason why we start learning in the first place. Parents play a very important role in the intellectual growth of their children because they are…

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