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Branded Apps For School

To bring efficiency in teaching and to make learning fun and easy for kids, classrooms have evolved today. Modern classrooms are equipped with technology and evolved teaching methods to make this possible. Educational apps are a part of this evolution.

The Learning Apps brings interactive educational apps on various school subjects. These educational apps incorporates fun element in learning through gamification and interactive activities. These apps will not only help in education, but also encourage children to develop their memorizing capability and problem solving skills.

You can make these educational apps a part of your school by branding them with your school name. Contact us at and get started.

Balloon Pops

Learning alphabets doesn’t have to be boring for kids. This is why Rikky is here.…

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If you are a Parent or Teacher and would like to learn more about how you can partner with us please visit the Parent and Teacher pages and contact our team on to request free promo code to try out the pro apps.

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Encouraging Respectful Behavior in Kids

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