1) What is TLA?

TLA is an educational platform for young children. It incorporates a team of experts which includes professional designers and teachers to assure it’s appropriate for kids to learn efficiently.

2) What age children does TLA serve?

TLA serves young children, starting from toddlers in preschools moving on to kindergarten. It covers the elementary grades that are grade 1, 2 and 3.

3) Does it has something for the parents?

Yes, it involves a range of parenting tips to make them understand their role and help with teaching children the right way.

4) Can my child use TLA independently or do I need to sit with him/her?

We have designed TLA with simple navigations and the right content that makes it convenient for children to use with minimal supervision.

5) How can I help my preschooler with the writing skills?

This article “How To Teach A Child To Write” will guide you regarding tips to help your child with writing.

6) Can children learn via games?

Kids learn best when they enjoy a certain activity or learning. We have added many games and quizzes to help parents keep engage their little ones with learning. We have a whole section for quiz games for that too.

7) Is TLA of any help to a child who is not at school yet and can’t read?

Yes, TLA is for beginners such as toddlers too. They will be able to learn all the skills they might need to perform reading. We have games and activities with astounding animations and graphics to boost the learning of early learners.

8) How is TLA helpful for teachers?

TLA includes various articles for teachers to initiate fun teaching in the classroom. It also includes many apps that they can add to their teaching activity to make learning fun and practical.

9) Are there any math activities for kindergartners?

Yes, math activities include addition, subtraction, multiplication games in applications. Kids can learn on their own gradually along with practice questions and have fun learning.

10) How do I discuss and report my issues?

If you have any trouble, want to report an issue or discuss something regarding any information related to kids learning through our website or any of our educational apps, please contact to [email protected].