Best 5th Grade Learning Apps

5th grade learning apps are there to assist students who are struggling a little with their studies. All these 5th grade learning apps will help students to develop better understanding with these learning apps. These apps are proper for 5th grade educational programs and follow Common Core Standards Help upper rudimentary understudies keep steady over their game with the best applications for fifth graders, including fifth grade all subjects apps. By fifth grade, kids are finding out about thorough rundown subjects and abilities that help Common Core objectives. Help them ideal their abilities on the whole subjects – reading, math, science, composing, and social examinations – these 5th grade learning apps.
Here are some of the best 5th grade learning apps which are appreciated by teachers and their peers respectively.

The Learning Apps

Mental Math App for Kids

Mental Math

Here is the best mental math app for kids to improve the mathematics skills of…

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Apps From Some of Our Partners

Here are a few more apps that are worth giving a try, developed and maintained by various other developers to help kids learn easily.

Seesaw App Icon

Seesaw Class

Seesaw Class app for kids offers an interface where students and teacher to share their…

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Brainly App

Brainly App

Brainly app brings forward a platform for social learning peer-to-peer including teachers, parents, students and…

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Homer Reading app

Homer Reading

Homer Reading App is a reading app that is specially designed to enhance the reading…

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Word Juice

Word Juice is a simple app in which there are hidden words. By using this…

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Mathway App


Mathway is a free app that helps you to find the solutions of math problems.…

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sushi monster app

Sushi Monster

The most fun, interesting and exciting math app you’ll ever come across. Sushi monster by…

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Brain quest

Brain Quest

Brain Quest is an amazing educational app that can be found on iStore for free.…

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