Apps to Limit Screen Time of Kids

How much is enough? This question might pop in your head like every other parent. According to a study abc news states that children and teens spend 6-7 hours on their screen for entertainment purposes, parents around the world are worried about which app to limit screen time is the best. Kids do not even spend that much time on their school work and educational stuff which might arise a little problem keeping the amount of time they spend on watching videos and playing games, this can give a rise to many health issues such as loss of sight, obesity, brain damage and most importantly this kind of activities tend to alter the mindset of kids in a very inappropriate way. That is why the learning apps offers you a complete range of apps to limit screen time. Time limiting apps are seen as one of the most feasible ways to limit screen time. It allows parents to apply all kinds of parental controls on multiple sites and apps. These time limiting apps listed below will definitely help you in limiting screen time and to keep an eye of your kids digital activities. These applications are supported on many devices such as iphone, ipad, and other phones. These apps are listed below limit screen time by providing simple check and balance to reach a suitable screen time for your kids.

Currently there are no screen time limiting apps for kids available at the moment, Please check out some of our apps provided below: