Brainly App

Brainly App

Brainly app brings forward a platform for social learning peer-to-peer including teachers, parents, students and anyone struggling with their homework. Brainly app promotes collaborative working, through the app anyone can ask a question on the forum regarding their school work and receive help from teachers, parents or fellow students.

ixl math app

IXL Math App has made learning easy and fun in such a way that kids are taking interest in maths, science, arts and english more than ever. It turns out that with IXL math students are not just exploring and having fun but they are learning and exploring more about their basic syntactic mistakes.

sushi monster app

Sushi Monster

The most fun, interesting and exciting math app you’ll ever come across. Sushi monster by scholastic is designed for students who struggle with numbers and its operations because of how dull and exhausting our stereotypical learning system is. So, calling all the students, parents and teachers out there! Spice up the typical math learning with the best math learning app called sushi monster!