Kids are creative by nature. They love painting and coloring on images. This app makes coloring more fun and educational by allowing kids to learn alphabets, numbers, fruit names, animal names and other objects names. This app has huge number of colors so kids can fill realistic colors in the shapes.You can also share your kids creative works with your friends and family through your social accounts.

Funny Monkey - The Banana Hunt

Funny Monkey - The Banana Hunt

Funny Monkey – The Banana Hunt is a fun and interesting banana stripping game for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten kids just as well as for grown-ups. Now, you can strip as numerous bananas you need directly in your IOS gadget. It accompanies three distinct levels to make it more addictive to kids. The game is incredibly basic and simple to play and ensures a great test for kids and grown-ups of any age. Strip the bananas and put your loved ones to test once you get a high score. Funny banana is accessible on iStore and it is viable with practically all iOS gadgets.


The name of the game makes it a little obvious what this app is all about, that funny monkeys is the app which literally involves monkeys and their favourite food! This game is all fun because here kids will strip as many bananas as they want, the game is not only loved by kids but adults too. Funny banana is available on iStore and it is compatible with almost all iOS devices.


The game with three different levels based on the difficulties such as each level gets a little difficult as kids go farther and unlock more levels. The first level targets kids and toddlers where they will be stripping a number of bananas meanwhile they can enjoy the nursery rhymes playing in the background which makes the game more interesting, intriguing and fun!

The other levels get a little more challenging as there are a limited number of tries and lives but the number of bananas increase.
The drill is simple, interesting yet challenging which ensures hundred percent fun for kids and grownups. Strip the bananas and put your loved ones to test once you get a high score.

Download the game right away and start peeling bananas!

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