The Learning Apps is a hub of the best educational apps for kids that makes education fun and entertaining for kids. Our educational apps are aimed at kids of all ages from toddlers to preschoolers. These educational apps for kids are available on iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices. The Learning Apps aim to power education with the right technology to make education better and fun for kids. This is why we have developed interactive educational apps and games to teach kids while maintaining their interest.

Alphabets Coloring

Free Alphabet Coloring Game by The Learning Apps is a fun game for kids. Kids can learn alphabet while coloring on them. Alphabet Coloring game for kids includes 25+ colors…

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Math Addition

Maths Addition is an online game for kids by The Learning Apps that is totally free to play. Make learning maths addition for your kids easy and fun with this…

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Math Subtraction

Make maths fun and playful for your kids. This free Maths Subtraction game online for kids by The Learning Apps is the ultimate solution to make kids learn maths subtraction…

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Math Multiplication

Free Maths Multiplication game online for kids is great for learning maths while having fun time. This game will let your kids learn maths multiplication without much difficulty. Free Maths…

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Math Division

This free Maths Division game online for kids will help them learning maths in a fun way. You won’t have to force your kids to learn maths division anymore. Kids…

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ABC Puzzle for kids

ABC Puzzle

Alphabet Puzzle game online for Kids is best for them to learn alphabets while also having fun solving puzzles. This game will make kids learn alphabet themselves without you having…

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Monkey Run for kids

Monkey Run

The Learning Apps brings you this free Monkey Run game online for kids of all ages. The game is fun and captivating for kids to enjoy. They can play the…

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Safari Zoo Game for kids

Explore the Zoo

The Learning Apps brings this captivating app for kids to Learn About Animals. Kids will enjoy learning names and interesting facts about various animals from the around world in this…

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Journey to the Sea World

Explore Sea World

The Learning Apps brings sea animal for kids app, where you kids will learn interesting stuff about various types of sea animals. They will learn their name, what sound they…

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