Terms And Conditions


All the media on the site is lawfully protected, if any other source uses any media already present on our site you’re potentially committing copyright infringement, therefore copyright claims can be made.

Payments and Credits

Payments can be made through PayPal and credit cards, we ensure safe and secure transactions by keeping our user’s privacy as a top priority. All the payments are verified via verification emails.

a) Refund Policy

If you are facing any problems, or have any queries in regard to the purchase, you can reach out to our support team at [email protected].
Reach out to us within 5 days of registration in order to make a refund request, or if you have any other queries too. We believe in providing the best customer service and facilitating our users to the best.

b) Promo Codes

We offer promo codes that can help you save bucks! You can get these promo codes from our social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and website.

System Requirements

Our apps and services are upward compatible therefore there are no device restrictions, these apps are supported on all iOS and android devices including smartphones, tablets and different gadgets. If you are struggling with how to login your account and browse through the apps, then follow up here.

Important Details

  • One time payments
  • Length of access is for lifetime
  • Device per license: 4
  • Access options for apps: Smartphones & tablets
  • Software version: upward compatible with all iOS and android latest versions
  • Updates are included in this package
  • Future Apps are also included in this package


Privacy Policy and Cookies

A cookie is defined as a small piece of text files, data and information such as user ID, username and so forth. The learning apps don’t have any login feature at the moment, therefore no sensitive data is collected. But we keep a track of the pages a user visits and enjoys so that we can optimize the user experience and suggest the kind of pages the one likes or may like. No sensitive data is compiled, no privacy is intruded on any user. This information is solely used to modify user experience with better features and content on the site productively.


Once you register and purchase the apps, you will have access to all the 10+ category apps, covering the major and minor subjects, fun and engaging games, and so much more. These apps are supported on all iOS and Android devices.