Educational Apps for Preschoolers

Preschoolers are kids of age from 2-4 years old. Children can speak, understand, recognize and memorize names and objects at this age. Kids of this age are curious to learn more about the world and things and people around them. At Preschool age, kids should know the names of various objects, fruits, animals, birds, etc. This is why we have developed these educational apps for preschoolers. Our games are great for satisfying the curiosity of your kids and, at the same time, teaching them about fruits, vegetables, etc. Our learning apps for preschool kids combine education with fun elements to keep them engaged in educational material. With these games, teaching kids will not be difficult and tiring anymore. These apps use images, videos, and audio to improve the learning experience for kids and the teaching experience for parents and teachers. To make learning engaging and enjoyable for your kids, our educational games for kids include fun games, like coloring and balloon popping. When they get tired of playing educational games, they can listen to and watch nursery rhymes that are educational and fun.

Shape Sorter

Shape Sorter is an educational shapes app geared at understanding of shapes for kids. By…

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addition games

Math Addition

Maths Addition by The Learning Apps redefines how kids learn and understand maths. Your kid…

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Zoo Animals For Kids

Zoo Animals App

Best zoo animals for kids app for learning animals names and sounds. Learn through various…

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dino counting games for kids

Dino Counting

Dino counting games for kids is fun-filled children numbers app. Learning numbers for kids will…

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math match

Math Match

Math matching game is a type of number matching games which is great for learning…

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Partner Apps

Here are a few more apps that are worth giving a try, developed and maintained by various other developers to help kids learn easily.

Quiz Planet app icon

Quiz Planet

Download and Play quiz planet app for kids. Test and enhance your knowledge skills by…

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Reading Eggs

Reading eggs app is an educational game that is designed for kids to learn to…

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Studypug Icon


Studypug Math App is an educational game that is designed for kids to learn maths…

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Seesaw App Icon

Seesaw Class

Seesaw Class app for kids offers an interface where students and teacher to share their…

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Epic! App icon


Epic Reading App is an educational game that is designed for kids to learn to…

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Homer Reading app

Homer Reading

Homer Reading App is a reading app that is specially designed to enhance the reading…

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Word Juice

Word Juice is a simple app in which there are hidden words. By using this…

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GoNoodle App for kids


GoNoodle App for kids is an amazing educational app designed for kids to utilize their…

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